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Hong Kong Negotiations

October 21, 2014



LSESU HKPASS warmly encourages our members to keep track of ongoing negotiations between the Hong Kong government and the Hong Kong Federation of Students. No matter your position on the political spectrum, there is no doubt that active, informed and genuine negotiations are the only bridge to a lasting resolution.

It might also be useful to think about some key prevailing questions in this debate. This is by no means an exhaustive list:


1. Is there any room for negotiation for political reform outside of the constitutional framework set down by the Basic Law and the National People's Congress' decision?
2. Is civic nomination acceptable within the framework of the Basic Law?
3. Is civic nomination the only acceptable method for free and fair elections of the next Chief Executive?
4. Is Occupy Central an effective and legitimate method of protest? 
5. Is a democratic political system critical to the rule of law? Does its absence justify breaking the law in protest?
6. Are police crackdowns on protesters enforcing rule "by" law (as in following the black letter of law instead of its spirit) or rule "of" law?
7. To what extent should police force be limited when balanced against social welfare? 
8. What are the interests and incentives at stake for the Hong Kong government, the pro and anti-Occupy protesters, Beijing, foreign countries such as the UK and the US, and other stakeholders? How do their interests affect the possibility of compromise?
9. Where should we create space for compromise and how should we achieve it?

Hong Kong's turmoil is a result of deep polarisation that has made the middle ground no man's land: we cannot exit stalemate unless compromise is sought. In the absence of unbiased information it is vital that all views are considered and heard: demonisation, no matter how worthy the cause, would only further our polarisation and by extension, our predicament.

Make your voices heard.




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