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LSE Forum 2016

February 26, 2016



On the 20th of February, LSESU HKPASS hosted the UK’s largest Chinese debating competition, the LSE Forum. The LSE Forum aims to promote awareness and critical discussion of both global and Hong Kong-specific contemporary issues, and provide a platform for students across the UK to express their views.


16 universities participated in the competition, consisting of three intense preliminary rounds, a friendly debate and the Grand Final.


The motions for the preliminary rounds were:

Round 1: 歐盟應推行難民配額政策

Round 2: 香港立法會應/不應修改議事規則限制拉布行為

Round 3: 香港商業代孕應合法化


After the Grand Final participants were announced, representatives from the universities that ranked 3-10 participated in the friendly free debate. The motion was 愚公應移山/愚公應搬屋. After the intensely competitive preliminary rounds, the friendly debate was a great way to have a laugh and get to know each other better.


The motion for the Grand Final was 本港街頭抗爭主義極端化對香港民主發展利多於弊, with the London School of Economics as proposition and the University of Warwick as opposition. Both teams in the Grand Final performed to a very high standard, with solid arguments and impressive presentation. Ultimately, the University of Warwick emerged as the champions of this year’s LSE Forum, winning 4:1 against the London School of Economics.


Here are the PICs and Team LSE’s thoughts on the event!

PICs: John Yu and Christine Chan


This year, being the tenth year anniversary since its inception in 2007, LSE Forum 2016 has continued to provide a platform for stimulating debates on controversial and topical issues. We were very pleased to have 16 participating universities with us, and we would like to thank you all participating teams, adjudicators and our guest adjudicator, Ms Cherie Yeung, in preparing and contributing to this event. From releasing motions and sides to preparing impromptu debates on the day, it was intense and hard work for all involved. There were over three rounds of competitive debating, as well as the entertaining friendly debates, from which we witnessed some of the finest debating minds and skills. I am sure that everyone who came benefitted from the heated discussions and I hope everyone found the event enjoyable and worthwhile.

Team LSE: Kanyin Chan


It has been an amazing experience to be a participant in LSE Forum. There is a huge variety of motions from filibustering in HK LegCo to the recent EU refugee crisis. It was a great opportunity for me to debate with debaters from other universities in UK, including Imperial College, University of Exeter and University of Nottingham. The impromptu debate in round 3 was challenging as we were only given 30 minutes to prepare for it. It really tested our ability to cooperate with our teammates in such a short preparation time. In the end, we are lucky to be able to get into the Grand Finals. I enjoyed being one of the debaters representing Team LSE and it was definitely a rewarding experience for me and my teammates.

Team LSE: Jason Yan


如果要我對LSE Forum作感想






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所以我想在此多謝LSE Forum 的兩位隊位 KanYin 和 Claudia 辯技和經驗都比我高但沒有嫌棄我



作為你們的戰友我真的....很大壓力(哭笑)當然亦都好好玩因為你們會為我解決所有難題而我就可以 free個靚 ride



回憶當日比賽我們表演‘關關難過,關關過’live version. Round 1 臨開始前10分鐘才有主辯稿。 Round 2, prep 左成晩都未prep rebuttals. Round 3, 冇主線冇比較標準咁上台。回想返30分鐘prep一條motion真係幾chur幾甘

能夠跟你們一起燃燒青春, chur d 又有咩所謂











Thank you to all teams for putting on such quality performances, all the adjudicators for lending your skills to the event, and all the organisers for making this competition possible. We would especially like to thank Ms. Cherie Yeung, Deputy Director-General of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) London for taking time out of her schedule to adjudicate the Grand Final.


We hope to see you again next year!

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