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Espectro Fashion Show


Steph Chan (PIC)


The moment when the background music slowly faded into the celebratory laughters from my crew, standing at the end of the runway, I finally came to a realisation that the show was finally over.  11 weeks, or 74 days, or 1770 hours since the organising team election - looking back, not a single breath has been spared without having preparations of the show in mind.  Now that it has ended, the sudden overflow of emptiness becomes foreign to me.  


Showcasing 47 garments, 6 sets of collections from UK student fashion designers, our show was more than just an amature attempt.  Having selected each piece of garments carefully, the audiences were invited to appreciate not only the refined details of the garments presented, but also the heart and dedication of their designers.  With the inclusion of music and dance performances, we also combined arts with fashion in the show.  Above all, all that we aimed was to provide an extravagant but relaxing evening to our audiences, as an escape from the hectic school life in London.  


For the past three busy months, the workload and pressure as a PIC was much more than I could ever expected. From inviting designers to creating garments lineup, and auditioning models to rehearsing with all performers, nothing could have been made possible with my sole power.  Tiffany Yau, my co-PIC, has been supportive throughout the preparation and the event.  I could not be more thankful to her and PASS team, the committee members, for giving us a chance to challenge our potentials through organising a fashion show, and subcommittee members, for investing their time and effort in this production, in the expense of their personal commitments.  This show, that has now officially ended, will forever remain as one of my proudest achievements in my LSE life.   

Tiffany Yau (PIC)


“Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway. So always dress your best and walk with confidence.”


Espectro has been a challenging yet fruitful experience. This event was certainly one of the highlights throughout my first year at LSE. I am truly blessed with the opportunity to organise a fashion show. Every responsibility that I was entrusted with was delivered with gratitude and joy. I have also gained practical insights into every meticulous detail of the logistics behind organising an event. From all the preparation up till the show day, it has never been easy. Thus, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has stood by me throughout this whole amazing journey. Thank you for all the PASS committee members for their continual support and encouragement in all our endeavours. I also wish to extend my sincerest of thanks to all my dedicated colleagues, who worked hand in hand with great enthusiasm to make this show a vibrant event. Without each and every one of them, this show could not have been held as successfully.


As an ending note, I would like to thank all the guests in coming to this event and I truly hope that everyone have enjoyed the show!



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