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September 4, 2016

September 3, 2016


Four years is a long time. 


Whatever happens tomorrow at the Legislative Council Election will have a direct effect on what Hong Kong will be like for the next four years and beyond. The results of tomorrow's election will determine who gets into LegCo, kind of politics Hong Kong will have, what issues will be given most attention, and many other things besides.


This election comes at an especially crucial time for Hong Kong. It is the first Legislative Council election post-Umbrella Movement. It is the first Legislative Council election with a distinct third parties making their way into traditional bipartisan politics. It is the first Legislative Council with this many new names, new parties, and significantly young candidates. There are more voices than ever before clamouring to be heard, each claiming to represent the Hong Kong people, each putting forth a vision for Hong Kong's future.


That is why we implore you to vote.


We all have different motivations to vote for our respective candidates. You may be voting for certain people because you want a certain political bloc to maintain its presence in LegCo. You may be voting for a certain party because of its history and track record. You may be voting for a fringe candidate to make a statement. You may be voting for someone because you simply like the person. 


But we believe that it doesn't matter who you vote for or why you vote for them, so long as you votes wisely. Gather what you have learned about the candidates, trust your judgement, and cast your vote for the candidate you think will best represent you. If the candidate you chose obtains a seat in the Council, then perhaps they will be able to send your voice into the debates. If the candidate you chose doesn't get a seat, those who made it still cannot ignore the thousands of voices out there like yours. When we all vote for what we believe in, then, maybe we will have a LegCo that represents the voices of Hong Kong citizens to the extent that its current parameters allow. 


All polling stations are open from 7:30am to 10:30pm tomorrow. 




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