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Chaos in LegCo

November 3, 2016

 (Photo Credits: HKFP)


The oath-taking fiasco is not yet over. Since the first oath-taking ceremony on the 12th of October, two localists Yau Wai Ching and Baggio Leung are still yet to be sworn in. Yesterday (2nd November), the pair barged into a council meeting and tried to take their oaths but without success.


I do believe that it is about time for the legislative council to be injected with new blood. I am not against the idea of an increasing presence of young people and people of different views in the council. However, I think that in order for the council to make progress and actually discuss prospective legislation, soon-to-be council members should take the oath properly. There are certain lines that should not be crossed. Since the first unsuccessful oath taking in October, Yau Wai Ching and Baggio Leung have backtracked with an unconvincing apology, claiming to have an “Ap Lei Chau accent”. They have also tried storming council meetings, of which they were barred from attending as they had not taken their oaths yet.


Such childish and immature acts have no place in the legislative council. These acts will only further deepen the distrust of the older generation to youngsters seeking to contribute in the political field. Many young people, myself included, have dissatisfactions towards the government. The two young localists can do better by taking the oath properly so that they can actually participate in the law-making process. Being barred from attending council meetings can only do no good to both themselves and the public. There are many points of law waiting to be discussed and prospective legislation waiting to be passed. Only by being sworn in can they act as members of the council, and help make our voices heard.


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