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2017 Predictions

December 30, 2016




First Harambe, then David Bowie, now Carrie Fischer. 2016 has been a year of tragic celebrity deaths. And also Trump and Brexit, don’t forget that. In fact, so much absurdity happened in the last year that even Nostradamus (or election pundits) wouldn't have imagined how it all turned out. That being said, let me try my hand at predicting what 2017 has in store for us.


BREXIT: I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Article 50 case, especially fellow law students that turn up to public law lectures. I’m going to call it here and say that the UK government will lose, by and 11-0 margin, based off something I read somewhere sometime (hurrah for post-truth predictions). If that actually happens I (might) write an article about it.


TRUMP: Probably not going to get impeached. His cabinet picks are shaping up to look more like standard(ish) Republican so its not the end of the world yet. I’d say Trump is going to be the figurehead meeting celebrities/world leaders all around the world while Pence just quietly takes over the world behind the scenes. One thing to note is that his cabinet is full of climate change deniers, which might be a tad terrible for the environment. This has an additional knock-on effect of reducing the clout US has when negotiating and brokering environment related deals with other countries. Although at the rate things are going climate change is probably the least of our concerns for now…


Other stuff: Park Geun-Hye is going to be just another Rousseff (gone before Chinese New Year if I have to take a guess). Marine Le Pen wins the French elections, Frexit scheduled for mid-2018. Syria stays the same with a never ending tug-of-war in taking control of key cities. Freshers in LSE (most probably) will have to take mandatory consent workshops before allowed on Fresher’s week.


2017 CE Elections: Jasper Tsang is probably going to win. Business as usual. (Nothing to do with him being my HKMP mentor. Really. Just a gut-feeling.)


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