Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society

London School of Economics and Political Science Students' Union

Proudly sponsored by Freshfields and Skadden, and supported by The British Council and The Hong Kong Society.


This website was launched in 2015 by Zoe Liu (Publications Officer 2015-16)

2016-17 Committee





President: DAMIAN WU


Internal Vice President: CHERRY LEUNG


External Vice President: RITA LI


Secretary: KEVIN CHAU


Treasurer: CAIUS MOK


Public Affairs Officer: LIMICHI OKAMOTO


Social Service Officer: JANICE WONG


Events Officer: ARTHUR WONG


Publications Officer: JENNIFER LAU

President: JAMES LO


Internal Vice President: VICTOR LAW


External Vice President: MAX WONG


Secretary: EMILY YUEN


Treasurer: INGRID LAI


Public Affairs Officer: STEFFI NG


Social Service Officer: BETHANY CHAN


Events Officer: KEVIN WONG


Publications Officer: VIKKI HUI


2014-15 Committee

2013-14 Committee

2015-16 Committee

President: TERRY YUNG


Internal Vice President: FONTANNE CHU


External Vice President: GEORGE WONG


Secretary: CHLOE LUK


Treasurer: NATALIE SO


Public Affairs Officer: NAOMI CHAN

Social Service Officer: DONALD LAU

Events Officer: KAILEY WONG


Publications Officer: ZOE LIU


President: JOYCE YIM


Internal Vice President: BRIAN LAU


External Vice President: CHLOE WONG


Secretary: HEDY MAN


Treasurer: CHERIE TANG


Public Affairs Officer: BRIAN MAK


Social Service Officer: JACQUELINE YIU


Events Officer: RENEE LEE


Publications Officer: JASON WONG



Internal Vice President: CLAUDIA WONG


External Vice President: LILIAN WONG


Secretary: GWEN CHAN


Treasurer: JASON YAN


Public Affairs Officer: ADRIAN SO

Social Service Officer: CRYSTAL LAI

Events Officer: KATHY CHEUNG


Publications Officer: JANICE LEUNG