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This website was launched in 2015 by Zoe Liu (Publications Officer 2015-16)

February 20, 2016

Dear all,
The sides for Round 3 is attached.



February 20, 2016

Dear all, 
Due to delays here is the updated rundown.

Now till 2:45 - Lunch
2:00pm - Sides of round 3 will be announced
2:45pm – Arrive at HK Theatre
2:55pm-3:00pm Team go to prep rooms and motion announced in room 
3:00pm – 3:30pm Prep round 3
3:40pm – 4:30pm Round 3
4:30pm – 5:15pm Grandfinal prep

February 20, 2016

Dear all,

Here is the welcome pack for your reference!



February 19, 2016

Dear all spectators,

Feel free to walk in and drop by anytime! Here are the room allocations and timings for your reference.

We hope to see you there!



February 19, 2016

Dear all,
Please be reminded to arrive Hong Kong Theatre latest by 10:15am. Instructions to Clement House can be found in the Participation guide (relevant page attached). The dress code is business attire and please bring laptops/tablets to research for impromptu debate, and to prepare your own cue...

February 19, 2016

Dear all,
The poll is closed and the voted Grandfinal motion is: 

Good luck!



February 18, 2016

Reminder that the vote for Grandfinal motion will close at midnight tonight!

February 17, 2016

Dear all, 

Here is the link to vote for Grandfinal motions.

The motion backgrounds have been attached for each option.

The vote will close on Thursday night 23:59.

Thank you very much and good luck!



February 13, 2016

Dear all,

The motion banning results are as follow:
- 0 university banned motion 1.
- 4 universities banned motion 2.
As the minimum number of universities to banning the motions successfully are 11 universities, the motions are unchanged. 

Therefore the motions are finalised to be:
Round 1: 歐盟應推行難民配額...

February 13, 2016

Dear all,
Please note that there is only 55 minutes left till deadline of banning motions!!!

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