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LSESU Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service 

Home to one of the largest Hong Kong student societies in the United Kingdom


Our Story

Founded in 1999, LSESU Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society (LSESU HKPASS) endeavours to raise awareness on public issues and encourage proactive social involvement amongst Hong Kong students from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and beyond. 

Over the past decade, we have organised talks delivered by distinguished guests from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds, including former Chief Justice of Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal Mr Geoffrey Ma and the Rt Hon Alistair Carmichael MP. Through these thought-provoking discussions, we hope to broaden our members’ opportunities to expand their social horizon to different walks of life.

To contribute back to society, we have also liaised and cooperated with numerous charity organisations, both in Hong Kong and in the United Kingdom, to provide our members with a broad spectrum of community service experiences.


As the first-established student organisation with a particular emphasis on Hong Kong issues, we created a robust network that connects Hong Kong students abroad to their own heritage. By working closely with Friends of LSE in Hong Kong and 21 other fellow partners in the British PASS community, we remain as one of the leading Hong Kong student societies in the United Kingdom in contributing back to society. 

In recognition of our active participation and contribution to the LSE community, LSESU HKPASS has been awarded numerous LSE Students' Union Awards since 2002, including the Golden Star Award as one of the top 3 amongst over 150 student societies at the LSE.

Our Vision and Values


To Raise Awareness on Public Issues in relation to Hong Kong

We provide an open platform that facilitates constructive dialogue and intellectual engagement. 

Political neutrality is a key value for us, to ensure we embrace a diverse range of ideas and perspectives. 



To Produce Insights and Amplify Voices to be Seen and Heard  

We often publish different pieces of analysis and opinions from members in our vibrant community.

It is vital that we broaden engagement between all parties to advance our goals and stories. 



To Encourage Social Involvement & Support for the Needy

We offer opportunities and resources for people who wants to make impacts for vulnerable communities.

Creativity is an important feature in our work, as we believe innovation can meet our evolving needs.



To Inspire Hongkongers Contributing back to their Communities

Our overarching mission is to empower and enlighten people in giving back to the society.

We maintain that progress derives from commitment, supported by the spirits of inclusivity and empathy.




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