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LSE Forum

The LSE Forum has been the most prestigious and largest inter- university debating competition conducted in Cantonese amongst Hong Kong students in the United Kingdom since 2007. 


The brightest minds from leading universities across Great Britian gather at the heart of London to put forward their ideas and to defend their propositions on some of the most complicated and timeliest issues, relating to the political, economic and societal aspects in our communities of Hong Kong and abroad.


LSE Forum provides a platform for open and constructive critical thinking around the global and local current affairs, as well as a perfect opportunity for intellectual ideas to be exchanged among the future generation of talented individuals. 


The motions chosen by the Organising Committee of the LSE Forum are aimed to provoke participants to review and challenge the most topical and controversial affairs. Not only participants are encouraged showcase their public speaking and debating skills, but also to socialise with and learn from each other.

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