The Mentorship Programme is an exciting initiative launched by LSESU HKPASS in 2013 aiming to offer students the opportunities to develop a mentorship relationship with public figures and alumni. We have secured 16 high-profile mentors including President and members of the Legislative Council, as well as established lawyers, entrepreneurs and bankers from across the fields

Hong Kong Social Innovation Competition

The Hong Kong Social Innovation Competition (HKSIC) aims to foster the spirit of social entrepreneurship among budding students from Hong Kong high schools. It takes the form of a 12 week program that includes a business proposal writing competition and a final pitching competition. The goal is to create an umbrella initiative under the charity that can be practically implemented with the cash prize.



The Project of Hope was a charity project first launched in 2002 by the LSESU HKPASS. It is our goal each year to nurture underprivileged children's interest in learning English and to raise their appreciation towards the importance of education.

Annual Charity Dinner

The Annual Charity dinner has been an esteemed event of our society for the past years, both as a commencement of our "Hong Kong Mentorship Programme" as well as a joyful socialising occasion which fundraise for our annual charity partner. All proceeds from the event will be donated to out charity partner. 

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LSE Forum

LSE Forum has been the most prestigious university debating competition conducted in Cantonese amongst Hong Kong students since 2007. The brightest minds from leading universities across the United Kingdom gather at the LSE to put forward and to defend their propositions on some of the most controversial global and local current affairs.